Netherlands Fellowship for Training on ‘Media design for social change’

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Deadline : 1 October 2013

Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation is organizing the Training on ‘ Netherlands Fellowship for Training on ‘Media design for social change’ in the Netherlands from 26 May – 06 June 2014. Support to participate in this training programme is available from the Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP).

Rural development organisations are actively engaged in communication. In a changing media landscape, conventional linear and top-down information flows quickly become obsolete. Organisations need communication professionals who know how to use concepts and models to improve and enrich media design and production in processes of social change.

This course is organized by Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation.

Course  objectives:

Upon completion of the course candidates will
  • be able to use concepts and models to improve media design and production
  • be able to critically analyse media in development processes
  • have deepened understanding of the media production process
  • have practiced and improved visual literacy skills
  • have practiced the use of creativity to support change processes
  • understand the processes of conceptualisation and design

Target audience: The course is designed for international mid-career professionals and change agents in the field of rural development: staff of development programs, government and NGOs active in agriculture and rural development.

Countries eligible to apply for NFP are Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan,  Autonomous Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Peru, Albania, Georgia, Philippines, Armenia, Ghana, Rwanda, Guatemala, Senegal, Bangladesh, India, Somalia, Benin, Indonesia, South Africa, Bhutan, South Sudan, Bolivia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Burkina Faso, Macedonia, Burundi, Mali, Surinam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Tanzania, Colombia, Mozambique, Thailand, Djibouti, Myanmar (Burma), , Uganda, DR Congo, Nepal, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Eritrea, Nigeria,  Zambia,  Pakistan, Zimbabwe.

For more information, visit this link

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